Introduction of Markazi Darul Qirat, Jamshedpur:

Markazi Darul Qirat is one of the renowned Islamic Institution of Jharkhand. Which has been established since 11th Shawal, 1425 Hizri (25th November 2004). The motive of this institution is to teach the Quran with correct pronunciations and conducts the courses like Nazra-e-Quran, Hifz-e-Quran, Qirat-e-Hafs, Qirat-e-Shuba, Qirat-e-Saba, Qirat-e-Ashra, Qirat-e-Shazzah along with these courses, Computer, Math and English are compulsory. Which is the great significant part of Markazi Darul Qirat. We have founded Markzi Darul Qirat with small and limited infrastructure, but our aims are great, right now we have five storey building, with well furnished and equipped with all facilities.

Presently we have 12 teachers and staffs of Markzi Darul Qirat, who are very proficient, efficient, and well-qualified, and more than one hundred fifty students belong to different corner of country and more than two hundred local students are studying. The Institution provide accommodation, treatment to its out side student. Alhamdulillah, Markazi Darul Qirat has well known Islamic Institution in India. Our passed out students are well settled in different state of India.

Jamia Fatma R. A(Education for Muslim Girls):

In Islam, education is necessary for Male, as well as it is also necessary for Female. After establishing Markazi Darul Qirat , we founded Jamia Fatma R. A. in 2008 for muslim girls on his own building. Presently we have two Aalima, Fazila and Qaria who are very proficient, efficient, and well-qualified. In this Institute Muslim Girls learn “Darjaat-Aalimiyat & Fazilat” and “Hifz & Qirat”. Right now lot of muslim girls doing course of “Darjaat-Aalimiyat & Fazilat” and “Hifz & Qirat”. In part time school students can learn “Eelm-Deen”. For the Muslim women, every Thursday, after Namaz-e-Zuhar, Deeni Ijtama occurred in same building, lot of women comes. For admission in this Institute contact on these number(8797083688).

Future Planning of Markazi Darul Qirat:

In future we will establish, English Medium School and College for Muslim Girls with Islamic rules and regulations. we don’t have great infrastructures, premises but one expectations, aims are great. May Allah the gracious, the merciful help us head us in all our divine contrives and enterprise.View More


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